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Moose hunting at Gransjøberget

Gransjøberget Sæters hunting team welcomes our guests to take part in the moosehunt. We have a wolf situation in our area with many wolfs taking and frightening the moose, that leads to less moose for hunting. Still, we are going for hunting and you are welcome to join us for participating on equal terms when it comes to the hunt and the fellowship. The nature is still lovely!

We stay at Gransjøberget Sæter With full-board accommodation with lovely beds, showers and a sauna.

In 2019 the hunting begin at the 25th of September for 6 days (arrival the day before and 7 days of stay). If you are a Group of at least 4 Hunters you can join us in the period of October 5-10. The second period you can combine moosehunting with small game hunting.


How we hunt

We drive hunt with black and grey elkhounds. All members stay in touch by radio in order to keep oriented about what is happening during the hunt.

Our permanent hunting crew are highly experienced and will provide help when needed; hence, first-time hunters are also welcome to join the team.


Informational flyer

Download our promotinal flyer.
Show it to your friends.


Application form

Download application form. 


Contact us

We’re happy to answer any questions from you. Call us directly on +47 482 23 933 or shoot us an email on vertskapet@gransjoberget.no.


Guest hunters, prices

7-day stay, 6 days of hunting. Full-board accomodation: NOK 10.000 per person. The antlers go to the hunter who takes down the moose!

Feel free to join us without a gun also!


Week-end hunting, prices

You may also rent a self-catering hunting cabin and join the hunting team at Gransjøberget after the 16th of October.

The price includes hunting with the hunting team and cabin rental (Friday-Sunday): NOK 1.500 per person. Meat can be bought at NOK 75 per kilo.

Stay at Gransjøberget Sæter

Gransjøberget Sæter is idyllically situated in old summer pastures in Julussdalen, east of Elverum. The farm itself consists of old buildings, and some new ones respectfully adapted to this historical environment. Here you can truly enjoy the serenity of the woods. We have no electricity, and you are far from the stress and noise of modern life.

You will be served traditional, tasty courses from Gransjøberget wild game cuisine. We use mainly local products, including, of course, our own moose.


Our facilities

There are two bedrooms in the farmhouse, and four bedrooms in the guesthouse, providing accommodation for 12 guests all together. All guests take the meals together at the long table in front of the fireplace.

We have bathrooms, a sauna and showers. From our taps flows crystal-clear spring water, and our hot water is gas-heated. At night, we light the paraffin lamps and candles, and you will have a solar-powered reading lamp over your bed.



The price for half-board accomodation is NOK 1.250 per person (maximum 14 guests).

For groups of less than six guest, we charge an additional

Half board includes a nice, home-cooked breakfast and a simple dinner. Should you require a more elegant dinner, it will be provided at an additional charge.

Prices for groups in the barn (up to 60 guests) on request

Small game hunting and fishing at Gransjøberget

We welcome you to hunt in 270.000 decare (almost 67.000 acres) of tumble space in the Norwegian wilderness. You will find stocks of small game, fowl and fish. The most common species are capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse. We also see a lot of hare, and the occasional grouse.

The keen angler should know that there is a good chance of catching the big pike in lake Gransjøen!

We provide pleasant accommodation at Gransjøberget Sæter, where our hosts will serve you traditional food. You could also stay at one of our simple, reasonably priced self-catering hunting cabins.


Small game hunting: Prices

Full-board accommodation with our hosts at Gransjøberget Sæter: NOK 15.000 per group, maximum 10 guests.

Hunting periods

10th September _ 24th September
2nd October         – 23rd December

Hunting breaks due to moose hunting. Both moosehunting an small game hunting from October 2.

Fishing licenses 2019

We sell fishing licenses.

SEASON           NOK  160
DAY                   NOK    55

Hunting licenses

We sell hunting licenses. Contact us for further information.

Non-residents of Elverum
SEASON                            NOK 2.860
PER WEEK                       NOK 1.980
PER DAY                           NOK 385


Residents of Elverum
SEASON                            NOK 1.650


SEASON                            NOK 1100
PER WEEK                       NOK 660
PER DAY                           NOK 220


Our cabins in the woods

For small game hunters and others who want to experience the serenity of the woods. Choose between very simple cabins or cabins with some more equipment.

There are forest truck roads leading to the cabins, which are all situated within the 67 000 acre hunting area. You will find water near all the cabins, but we recommend that you bring drinking water. We provide firewood in the shed. All our cabins have outside lavatories of varying standards.


A small cabin with no equipment. You will find it just like the forest workers left it. There is a good chance that the capercaillie will show up just outside your door … Firewood is provided in the newly built shed/outside lavatory. There is always water in the small stream Holma that runs near the cabin.
3 beds.


NOK 2.000 per week
NOK 350 per night

gps coordinates:
61.11773382059719 – 11.639499664306638


This cabin is the right choice for those who want to fish in lake Gransjøen. Simple, no equipment, room for 4 people. The outside lavatory is relatively new. Water from a stream about 100 meters from the cabin. Lake Gransjøen is just 1.5 kilometres (about 1 mile) away, and just over half the way you will go on foot. By the lake, there is a rowing boat at your disposal.

NOK 2.000 per week

NOK 350 per night

gps coordinates:
61.14846060760339 – 11.706004725701849


A cabin with beds for 5 people. Renovated during the summer of 2012. A new shed/outside lavatory. Little equipment as of today. Cooking possibilities on a wood-fired stove.


NOK 3.000 per week
NOK 500 per night

gps coordinates:
61.136266502658294 – 11.693417757996954


This is the most popular cabin, and our former hunting cabin. Once we were 18 people enjoying a steak fillet meal together in this cabin. A lovely spot for those seeking the quiet life. If you want to go small game hunting, this is a nice starting point, right in the middle of the hunting field!

Room for 4 people. There is a kitchen counter, some simple equipment, a place to eat. A shed/outside lavatory, built in 2012. There is water in a well about 50 meters (about 50 yards) from the cabin.

NOK 3.200 per week
NOK 550 per night

gps coordinates:
61.11340124623771 – 11.665334701538084


A slightly larger cabin with two rooms. Beds for 6 people, 2 in the main room and 4 in the bedroom, where there is also a washbowl. A kitchen with a counter and a cupboard, simple equipment (tableware, cutlery, cookware) and a dining area for 6. An outside lavatory built in 2012. The cabin is situated near Røta, a nice stream flowing into Julussa. One kilometre further up, at the Gammelbudammen, there is a fishing spot especially adapted for the physically challenged and wheelchair users.

NOK 3.500 per week
NOK 600 per night

gps coordinates:
61.09503303769006 – 11.642460823059087


Knettlikoia is a small renovated cabin with room for 3 people (2 is optimal). A kitchen counter with some equipment. Firewood in the shed and an outside lavatory. There is a spring just behind the cabin. This is an idyllic cabin in the Knettlia area, well known for its excellent stock of small game. The Ulvåa River, with its good stock of trout, is just a short distance away.

The cabin may be rented for a term of years. Please contact us for more information.

NOK 2.800 per week

NOK 450 per night

gps coordinates:
61.07561758598285 – 11.811082946069298


henter kart - vennligst vent...

Gransjøberget Sæter: 61.133070, 11.674960
marker icon
Gransjøberget Sæter


Find Gransjøberget Sæter

Gransjøberget Sæter is situated in Julussdalen in the northeastern part of the borough of Elverum, just south of the border to Åmot.

From Elverum you take the Norwegian national road no 25 (Riksvei 25, Trysilveien) towards Trysil and turn towards Julussdalen.

From the national road 215 from Haugedalen in Åmot, follow the sign towards Julussdalen to the south. Follow the route previously described until you see the sign «Gransjøberget», and follow the forest truck road to the first crossroads. Then follow the signs.

Remember to come prepared for any weather condition.



Elverum                                 ~36 km
From Rena                            ~30 km
From Gardermoen            ~140 km
From Oslo                             ~180 km
From Trondheim                ~350 km
From Trysil                            ~92 km

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Marianne WimmerMoose hunting at Gransjøberget – join the hunting team